Ebbett’s is now closed. Thank you all for being loyal patrons! We really enjoyed feeding you over the years!


Thank you San Francisco Magazine for naming us 




Indian-spiced Chicken Salad Sandwich

Roasted chicken breast with house-made broccoli pesto, roasted red bell peppers, and arugula, on an organic ACME bun. Available with bacon!

Broccoli Pesto Grilled Cheese

House-made nutless broccoli pesto with white cheddar on organic crusty Acme lavain loaf. Available with bacon!



The Bowl

Your choice of pulled pork or Hodo Soy house-marinated baked tofu, with brown rice, black beans,  sliced grape tomatoes, corn, and queso fresco with house-made serrano-cilantro salsa verde.

Ebbett’s Cuban

Slow-roasted Hill natural pulled pork, artisan ham, gruyere cheese, jalapeño relish and chipotle aioli on a crusty Acme roll. Grilled to perfection.

Asian Tofu

Roasted house-marinated Hodo Soy tofu topped with a red and green cabbage, carrot, mint and cilantro slaw in ginger-lime vinaigrette with wasabi aioli and Sriracha on an Acme torpedo roll.

We use fresh high-quality ingredients. Our menu is subject to change if we aren’t able to find an item that’s up to our standarts or a suitable substitution.



All of the meat we serve is raised in a sustainable manner with
no hormones or antibiotics.

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